Culture is the integration of people's lifestyles in a specific time and space, which contains a lot of human wisdom and emotions. "TRADITIONOW" takes the word, connecting tradition with the present, and represents the attitude of China's new generation of guarding traditional culture: redefining inheritance with creation, "giving the future a future."
Kaicheng Culture is a social enterprise dedicated to the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture, and is determined to become the world's leading IP culture enterprise of traditional Chinese culture. Through the IP culture of Chinese traditional culture, the inheritance culture empowers the industry and integrates culture into life, which in turn can be passed down. In order to break through the industry barriers and create a beautiful and practical cultural new consumption concept, the inheritance culture explores a new model of traditional culture creation and development, shaping the cultural ecosystem: cutting through traditional crafts, through research and shooting, collecting and sorting out, sorting out the inner The cultural elements; the collection of excellent design strengths at home and abroad for secondary development, creating a new IP with cultural attributes; finally through the widespread dissemination and application of IP, the realization of the transmission of Chinese culture. We believe that the trend brought about by cultural identity will drive a new consumer aesthetic trend and bring an opportunity for industrial upgrading to the traditional handicraft industry.
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